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one over jobs and spending and all of that. so much going on. so many storms. so little time. we're on top of it. this saturday, 10:00 a.m. to noon. your place for news. fair and balanced. fair and balanced. here is glenn. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> glenn: the staff is very upset with me. i just asked them, an accident could happen anytime and i want to know who is wearing clean underpants. now i know and it's probably too much information. i'm uncomfortable. welcome the "glenn beck program." we have a hard-hitting question from bill press and we have a hard-hitting response from what is our press secretary, robert gibbs. >> does he know what liberation theology is? >> i don't know the answer to that. i will say this, bill, a crude paraphrasing of an old quote. that is people are entitled to their own opinion as ill-informed as it may be, but they're not entitled to
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their own facts. the president is a committed mainstream christian. i don't -- there is no evidence that would guide me that glenn beck would have any genuine knowledge as to what the president does or does not believe. >> glenn: you're right. i don't have any genuine knowledge at all. i don't. because nobody will, nobody ever answers any questions. it's kind of like that stuff. i mean, i can tell you where i got that crazy, crazy idea that liberation theology is not mainstream. robert, i mean, i hope you, i hope i didn't make up my own facts. unless i -- maybe i'm god! did i create this guy? listen to what the founder of liberation theology says it is. >> the only way in which your repentance, your forgiveness can be authentic, you
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reception is authentic is you give back what you took. white people took a lot from black people. >> glenn: that doesn't sound mainstream. you know, okay, i know about this guy. we all know about this guy. this guy runs a church based on what the last guy just said. liberation theology. got it? we know about this guy, if it was a mainstream christian church i think the president probably would have left the church. left that guy. and then he found another preacher. and unfortunately, his other preacher who he claims is a really close friend to him and advises him on stuff is another preacher of liberation theology. someone obama calls a dear friend. here is what he says. >> i'll be damned if i'm going to sit back while you tear down jeremiah wright.
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how dare you! how dare you! how dare you! seek to reduce jeremiah wright, who is one of the greatest biblical scholars this nation has to a 30-second sound bite and try to demonize him and trivialize him. you cannot do that. >> glenn: that doesn't happen in my church but maybe it happens in everybody else's church. maybe it's just me. or it's just really, really bad luck. that the regular pastor in obama's church said stuff that wasn't mainstream and that wasn't mainstream and you have advisors that aren't main stream and it's based on liberation theology by cohen there. maybe it's just me. maybe i don't know what's mainstream anymore. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> glenn: hello america. i'm not challenging anybody's faith. not challenging anybody's faith. i'm trying to understand where policies come from. you want to understand me, you have to understand that i'm a man that believes in god. i'm a conservative. that's the first thing i think i told you on this program. at least one of the first things. i'm a conservative. you need to know. this is an opinion show. you need full disclosure to figure people out. there are huge problems going on today. there are huge problems going on today. that's why you need disclosure. what did the president say? more transparency, not less. that helps people understand. the border, now they say the
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mexican drug cartels control arizona. why? wouldn't you like to know? would someone be transparent and tell us how and why they're making the decisions. the troops are in iraq and afghanistan except now they're military advisors, which i'm pretty sure is what we did at vietnam and that didn't work out well. we have states and cities going broke and they're firing police officers and firemen, teachers first, when there is other stuff to cut. why? transparency. can someone tell us why? more people are on government assistance. homeless is up 50%. economy is tanking. unemployment is still high, and yet we are making decisions that don't make any sense. all i'm trying to do is figure out how are we making these decisions. the people who are informing us, or who are supposed to inform us, keep america informed on everything that is going on, they can't even figure out what this is.
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they are still going i don't understand what is happening. maybe, maybe i should start speaking slower. this is about honor. how are we going to fix things when they can't even understand faith, hope and charity? the weird thing is that they understood this hope. i didn't understand it. did you understand it. i kept saying wait, wait, what does this mean exactly? i couldn't understand the cryptic smoke symbols of the obama change campaign. there were no specifics. remember that? they could figure this out, but they can't figure this one out. they're kind of similar. they got this one. this -- really? it's beyond their wildest comprehension. you know why? they speak the same language here. don't here.
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it's not that difficult, really. i generally don't hide my language and what is going on. i don't, i tell you straight up, faith, that is sam adams. that's because he was a guy -- read sam adams, read his words. you have can't have a country really stay on the track without faith. you can't have a country without truth. that's hope. you can't have a country in a small government without charity. that's ben franklin. it doesn't get more complex than that. it's not questioning in anybody's favor. i'm just trying to understand the world we live in. i'm trying to understand please explain in terms that people who don't speak liberation theology language or oppressor-victim language, which is what that is. explain it. i'm sorry, we're not all marxists. here is one of my favorite quotes from the "washington post" in the faith section.
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this is their latest on trying to explain this. is glenn beck preaching mormon restoration theology? uh-oh. this is a stellar piece, coming from a run of the mill catholic, or at least that's what he says who doesn't let politics get in the way of things he believes like when he was reporting on ted kennedy's funeral he said the most catholic part of the mass was when kennedy's grandchildren asked for universal healthcare. i used to be a catholic. i don't think that's part of the mass. but maybe -- have they changed it? here is what he writes. i think mr. beck is preaching mormon doctrine of restoration. the first mormon joseph smith, the head of the church and a likely candidate for president of the united states. his idea was to restore america to christianity by rewriting the laws of the nation according to what god told him. in some, restoration theology
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is a thee rock -- theocracy. i was this close to establishing a theocracy. i would have gotten away with it if it weren't for the pesky kids! the faith section in the "washington post." my gosh, isn't that the same section that jim wallis is a part of? yeah, i think it is. anyhoo, what i really wanted was a theocractheocracy. small government guy, of course, t he -- theocracy is what comes to mind. i was just so -- i mean, i had the bikes on the way to your house! baptismal camps all over the country. oh, yeah!
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america, really? these guys actually think, you're getting sleepy. small government. small government. if you really believe in small government, if you are a libertarian, what does that require? it requires that you self-regulate yourself. how do you do that? critics spent the last year calling me government. nancy pelosi cried on tv because of the anti-government rhetoric going on. i'm not government. i'm anti-big government. suddenly now i'm looking for a religious takeover of the government? a big huge -- how do you sleep at night? are you just so oblivious to things you're just like hmm. i don't know how the media does it. let me quote benjamin franklin. the media is watching. benjamin franklin. he was a founder.
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he actually wrote to the president of yale and he said, the president of yale said how do you define the american religion? this is it. america, this is it. franklin said i believe in one god, creator of the universe, that he governs it by the providence, he ought to be worshipped that the most acceptable service we could render to him is doing good to his other children, that the soul of man is immortal and we'll be treated with justice in another life respecting the conduct of our souls in this one. he said i take that to be the fundamental principles of all sound religion. so, america's religion, this is it, gang. this is all you need to know. there is a god. he is going to judge us. we should be good to each other. because daddy is going to be pissed in the end if we're not. that's it. that is called a big principle. i don't think we even have principles in much of
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washington anymore. that's the problem. that is why -- theecracy. really? on the stage of 8-28. jews, mormons, evangelicals, all faith on stage. why? because we can agree on those basic principles. god lives. he is going to judge us. be good to people. that's it. how does it fit in? they're saying glenn beck is talking about faith. i've been talking about faith and charity for a year now. i only read one piece so far that pretty much nailed it. one. it comes from a guy i've never heard from. unknown blogger. i have no idea what he is, his politics or what he has written in the past. he could be a serial killer. i don't know. this is one post that actually gets it.
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short and to the point so i want to share some of it with you. take notes, huffington or "washington post," you are about to get a lesson from user lexington green on they get it. here it is. the glenn beck rally is confusing people. why? because he is aiming far beyond what most people consider to be the goalposts. someone who asks what the rally has to do with the 2010 election is missing the point. is building solidarity -- beck is building solidarity and cultural confidence in america. constitution, its military heritage, its freedom. this is a vision despised by most people who long held the commanding height of the culture. but it's obviously alive and kicking. beck is creating positive themes of unity and patriotism and freedom. and independence, which are above mere political or policy choices, but not
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irrelevant to them. political and policy choices rest on a foundation of philosophy, culture, self-image, ideals, religion. change the foundation and the rest will flow from that. defeat the enemy on that plane and any merely tactical defeat will always be reversible. showing the people who believe in god and practice their religion, key, are fellow citizens who share political and economic values with majorities of americans is a crucial step. the idea that these people are an american taliban is laughable. but showing the fact to the world and to to potential political allies who are not religious is critical. beck is attacking the enemies of the foundations of their power. their claim to race as a permanent trump card, their claim to civil rights movement as a permanent model to constantly be transforming a perpetually unjust society.
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ronald reagan said we would not defeat communism, we would transcend it. beck is aiming to have america do the same thing to its duquesne class of overlords. transcend them. beck is prepping the battlefield for a generation-long battle. as ronald reagan said there are no simple solutions, just -- there are simple solutions, just no easy solutions. thank you. thank you for one person who has access to the internet for getting it. it is a generation long battle. remember what i told you before? this is 100 years, 100 years they've dismantled us, dismantled our history. dismantled our founders, religion, our faith and constitution. yes, it must transcend politics. but how? watch. i'll show you this. this is our problem that we have right now. we have democrats and republicans and they're trying to solve all of these
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answers. all of these problems. we go to them. how do we solve homelessness? abortion? corruption? a lot of times these guys are corrupt and these guys are corrupt. so how are they going to give you the answer? these guys don't have any principles. we've seen it time and time again. drain the swamp. drain the swamp. i'm going to drain the swamp. no, i'm going to drain the swamp. hello? the founders knew what was critical. that is nature's law and nature's god. what does that mean? there is laws in nature that you can't violate. god, himself, can't violate them or the whole thing collapses. so you get yourself in line with those laws, and then you look to those laws and nature's god and you can solve these things. you can solve them through these people, but these
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people change when the people start to say this is important. it is the answer. now some people say that doesn't include the non-religious. well, that's not true. explain thomas payne. some people say he was an atheist. explain pendulet. we're not close or anything, i think he would like me to stop saying i know him, but i like him and i respect him. we disagree on a ton of stuff when it comes to religion. he doesn't believe in god. he doesn't believe not just because he saw a billboard that said god is dead or his parents told him that. this is a man, he is a really smart guy. one of the smartest guys i know. he has searched and he honestly questioned and he found out what he believes. he's not bluffing that he believes that there is no god. he knows it for him. he's done the work. that's all i'm asking you to
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do. do your homework. know. you cannot sit there on the sidelines. you have to know yourself. what is the history of the country? why does our constitution work? how does our economy work? you must know nature's law and nature's god. if it means that you come up and you're an atheist, that's fine. seek out god. get on your knees. as jefferson says, you have to question with boldness even the very existence of god. if we restore our knowledge of history, restore our constitution, and restore our faith, we will restore america. i don't think i've been real subtle about this message. have i? >> we will be fine. i choose to know, so i depend with firm reliance on god's protection. you will then no longer have a choice, because you know
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what is true. you know who you serve. you must stand there because you have no other choice. know who he is. >> glenn: and you will know who you are. look, america is an idea. it's not about politics. america is the idea, if i had to describe it in one word, it would be "freedom." freedom to live your life. that means go to any church or not go to any church that you want. if it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket what difference does it make? but by going away from those nature's law and nature's god, it does pick your pocket. it does break your leg. then you have to stand in line for universal healthcare soon. freedom. is that the idea in america anymore? i think the idea in america right now is survive or penalize, or stop.
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don't do that. that's not freedom. that is the idea of america. you. you have the freedom to create. you have the freedom to dream. that idea comes from one source. it is only attainable or allowed when you have self-regulation. we don't need cass sunstein if we are all living within the parameters we set for yourselves. we need a jesus or a buddha or in the case of pendelet, i don't know what he -- just a little self-control. he does it without buddha or without jesus or without muhammad. but he does it. i can't, i find it hard to believe i have to tell americans to think big. perhaps it's more hard to believe the we actually think we can get our answers or our counsel on solving the gigantic problems from the republicans or the democrats or worse from the press. from people who think so small that they believe everything is about the next
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>> glenn: you may have seen the story recently from the department of justice. they gave the website a makeover. in case you missed it, here are the changes they made. let me start with the old version over here. the old version, which one? the old version -- that's not it. the old version is just riddled with disturbing images of the american flag. that's why -- oh, no, here it is. yes. look at this. it's got the scary american flag. the source at the d.o.j. told
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the "american spectator" that the new leadership of the d.o.j. said they wanted to change the image -- i'm not kidding you -- "because the patriotic shtick from ashcroft is a bit much for the agency that isn't supposed to be political." i wasn't aware that the american flag and patriotism was a shtick. the huffington post did say this was ridiculous. complex. yeah, these things were ridiculous. remember that one? the obama administration went to work thinking up a whole new design and it is fantastic. and here is the new design. ooh, doesn't that scream america right there? yeah, no, it does. caused a bit of stir when it first came out but i want to show you something i didn't notice before, and actually a listener sent this in to me. it's more telling of get rid of the patriotic shtick idea. if you look at the top of the web page, there is a quote. before i read it, what would
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you put up on the top of the department of justice website, for the united states of america? maybe something from the constitution. or something from the bill of rights. something from the founders, huh? no. no. they went straight to this quote. the common law of mankind issuing from the life of the people. really? that's weird, because -- i think moses might be surprised by that one. huh. it comes from the will of mankind. that sounds more like the school of thought from the u.n., or the international school of thought. you know, more than the american school of thought. so where did this quote come from? well, it's reportedly one of janet reno's favorite quote and apparently on the outside of the d.o.j. building. the d.o.j. building. look at when this -- c'mon, guess the president. guess the president. i know you want to say woodrow wilson. but no. f.d.r.
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construction process back in the days of f.d.r. and they looked for quotes. the actual source of the quote is under dispute. but many believe it comes from c. wilford jenks. a british attorney in the international law movement that sought to impose common law and advocated for global worker rights. i bet you it's from him. that reminds me, the lead story earlier today on was about a new obama ally and labor leader richard trumpca. this is a great story. this is richard there. he's been at the white house at least 30 times. there is audio of him now calling for a global tax. and global international laws and structures. he introduced these guys here. they're just over in europe. this is the democratic socialist club in europe. they're very proud of him and
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the stuff he's doing here calling for a global tax. they're all speaking in really creepy austrian accents. what is going on there? you can read about it at it seems to be in line with the new d.o.j. mantra. he's just meeting with europeans about global stuff. that's it. i'm sure it's just a coincidence. don't worry about it.
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from fox news, i'm shepard smith. this is an extreme weather center alert for you. live look at the satellite picture of hurricane earl spinning its way in the general direction of the outer bank of the north carolina, but good news, the storm has gotten weaker. down to a category three with 115-mile-per-hour maximum sustained winds and taken unexpected job to the north. jonathan serrie live in north carolina. jonathan? >> reporter: gradually, but studly we noticed the conditions deteriorating as the eye of the storm moved closer. we haven't received much rain but the winds are picking up even in the half hour i've been standing here. the surf here is really kicking up because of the dangerous rip tides. they have been keeping swimmers out all day. earlier in the day, we saw the sun, but obviously we're not going to see the sun in a while. there is a mandatory evacuation in effect for all
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non-residents of dair county, municipality i'm in right now. by and large, most visitors are heeding the warning and even year-round residents who decided to hunker down have stocked up on supplies. it appears that many people on the barrier iland communities are well prepared for storm whatever it may dish out. shep? >> live in kill devil hills in north carolina. we'll continue to go to the fox news weather center where we're told with the weakening it's most likely that the storm will be down to a category two as it brushes by the outer banks of north carolina and down to a category one by the time it brushes by the coast of massachusetts. or that's what we expect. updates from the weather center and across the fox news teams. the correspondents are stationed up and down the coast. get to jim angle for a look ahead to "special report." hi, jim. >> hello. coming up, fresh non-partisan predictions say republicans are poised to take control of the house. how do you define progress in middle east peace talks? join me in 28 minutes for "special report." but now back to glenn beck.
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♪ ♪ >> glenn: well, tonight is a show you don't want to miss. you are going to want to dvr this one tomorrow. you don't want to miss it. all right. i got good news for you. the left is pulling together. they're going to do their own rally on the mall in washington, d.c. it's one nation working together rally. it's fantastic. there it is. isn't that great? okay. they're going to have all kind of people there, very diverse. they'll have liberal religious leaders, labor leaders, they're going to have well, the naacp. the naacp is going to have a rally on the mall on october 2 one month before the fall mid--term elections. they say that this is to attempt to show that they,
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too, have political clout and momentum in response to last saturday's massive gathering of, "tea party types led by fox news host glenn beck." are you going to -- seriously, if you are doing honor, i think that's great. that is fantastic. now, who's involved? you are going to love this. you're going to love this. code pink. the sierra club. the national council of laraza. afl-cio. union professionals a.f.t.. the naacp is involved. united steelworkers union. this is the communication workers of america. color for change, the van jones thing. rainbow push coalition is going to be there. the other 98% which had a big rally, too, this weekend, which for some reason nobody did, here is what it is.
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this is their logo. now, who are these people? have you ever heard of these people? this is almost sad it's so funny. i mean, you could predict it. who created this group? the executive vice president of the afl-cio, arlene holt baker said, "the afl-cio is determined that the tea party and the corporate backers are not going to get the final word." corporate backers? we don't have a tides foundation. they didn't receive a penny from fox news. we covered it as a news story, but not as much as other stories. all the money we raised to pay for the event and donation to the special operations warrior
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foundation, most came in amounts of $100 or less. we didn't have corporate backers. arlene holt baker added, "we will expect tens of thousands of union families to come." tens of thousands. arlene, c'mon! with all of these guys? this is what you do. really, the powerful union and special interest groups? you should get tens of millions of people there. surely, you have liberal host ed what's his name at the other network. the other day he guaranteed he could bring in -- do we have the tape? how many did he say he could bring in? >> i guarantee you i could do more than 300,000. it ain't a big deal. >> glenn: it's not. then lawrence o'donnell reminded us there are tens of thousands just milling around the mall at any given time. >> so look, on a typical summer saturday on the mall, 80,000 is not a big deal.
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that is the flow-through traffic of tourists. >> glenn: so there you go. you have 380,000 right there before you even make a single phone call to a union member. now i say if you don't get at least one to 5 million people to show up for this event, you have to consider it an absolute failure so now what is the big rally all about? according to the group, it is going to promote family and individual responsibility. that is a good thing. here is the communication workers of america president larry cohen. >> bring your family. mobilize your community. this is a time to reach out. this is a time to say it's our country. >> glenn: okay. that's interesting, because here is what he said about 8-28. >> i ask you to bring your son or daughter. stand here. i know, i know that if you do your job, if you pledge to
5:39 pm
yourself that you will restore honor in our own life, we will leave freedom better than how we found it. >> glenn: that's good stuff! okay. they're about diversity as well. from naacp said, "we are coming together. people of all faith, nationalities and races." that's good. that's good! it's not like everybody on 8-28 looked exactly alike. well, i mean, they did kind of. i mean, yeah -- no, no. then again, they don't seem to all -- hmm. then we have fedra ellis lampkin the green for all ceo. green for all, remember that? that's van jones. she said this. now is the time that the progressive power in the country needs to prove that we are the movement of faith. how many times have are you thought to yourself yes, the uber left, they are the
5:40 pm
engine of god in america. they are. but they also list unity and hope among their goals for the rally. that's good. maybe this is a change. maybe this is something that actually getting it, faith, hope and charity, right? i mean we had this poster all year long. maybe they are starting to get it. and enjoy us, right? and transcend politics? a more pessimistic person, maybe a cynical person might say that this is like when hollywood discovers that a certain type of movie has become a big hit. like "superman" and then everyone is wearing tights in every movie you see. every movie that comes out is a comic book movie. or a pirate movie does well and everything is a pirate movie. or a vampire movie. maybe. maybe. but here is a word of warning to this grassroots organization here. sometimes those sequels get a little old. so, if i may. you know what you should do
5:41 pm
is invite this guy. this is ted mcginley. do you remember him? he is the guy that hollywood always brings in. yeah, yeah. every time -- if there is a dying sitcom, happy days. it worked. "love boat," it worked. "dynasty." everything. "married with children." this guy, sure! sure! it's a tired worn out idea, but put him, make him the crazy network or bring in a 5-year-old mischievous nephew. when all the regulars on the show got old and lost the cuteness -- i'm just trying to help. bring him on stage. like hey, crazy neighbors, what's happening at this rally? good. so many people who are involved in the project, have shown was great examples of what the rally is about. that's they say i changed. i'd love to see them change as well. faith, hope, unity, personal
5:42 pm
responsibility. if it could only be true. maybe we are on the verge of solving our problems. more next. @=h
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>> glenn: i just am going down a list here. yeah, the left has decided they need a rally of their own. started by the tides foundation, 10-2-10. a march on washington. great. a cynical person would say they are doing this because they saw you show up on 8-28 and they saw what you were all about. it freaked them out of their minds. now all they can do is shout claims of racism. we told you they would do that right before the election. but then you showed up and you weren't racists. that's all they've got. now they're saying that their rally is about these things. saying it's about family,
5:46 pm
diversity, unity, faith and hope. well, okay. here are the organizers. here are all the people involved in unions. take a look at some of the organizers of this rally now in action. >> we took names. we watched how they voted. we know where they live. >> my message to the tea party is this. you must expel the biggest and racist in your ranks or take full responsibility for all of their actions. >> we don't have a short-term deficit problem. you know that. he knows that. i know that. he knows that. and every economist in the country knows that. >> are you done calling for the redistribution of wealth in society? >> absolutely. without any hesitation. that's what the gospel is all about. >> being a rebel is important, because a rebel opposes injustice. but i think it's more important to be a revolutionary, because a revolutionary proposes a more just order. >> glenn: okay.
5:47 pm
now, that's that rally. from you are event last saturday. here is dave reiver. >> god bless this nation. we thank you for our president, we thank you for our congress, we thank you for your land. god, we thank you that you rule in the hearts of these people. >> glenn: okay. you have to ask yourself, do people really believe the things they say? i do. i trusted that i could show the rest of the world who you were. you already live these attributes in your life. you understand family and individual responsibility, and diversity and faith and unity and hope you get it. or at least you are striving to. it's because you honestly believe in them. do you remember the comparison i've shown you a few weeks back of nancy pelosi trying to recreate the image of the iconic civil
5:48 pm
rights photo? it didn't work. here they are. this is the image. these people believed in it. nancy pelosi. these people were afraid. these people were afraid. the people on the stage on 8-28, quite honestly, many of them were afraid. it took courage for them to stand. that is why you have already won. personal responsibility. you know that. you're not in to blaming those who came before you for everything that's wrong in life? it's really sad to watch them continue to flail around blindly screaming about racist or injustice. whatever. some of these, some of these are bullies. that's how bullies act. they try to intimidate. you know what i think of some
5:49 pm
of the unions? i actually think of "back to the future." they're like biff. you remember this scene? >> hey, mcfly. what do you think you're doing? >> well, actually, i figured since it wasn't due until monday -- >> hello. hello. anybody home? think, mcfly. think. >> glenn: that's it. in the end, once you really realize who they are and you are not afraid anymore, it always turns out exactly the same way for the bully every time. >> now biff, i want to make sure we get two coats of wax this time. not just one. >> just finishing up the second coats now. >> now biff, don't con me. >> i'm sorry mr. mcfly. i meant i was just starting on the second coat. >> glenn: seriously. done you i? we are close to making that reality for bullies that you're facing.
5:50 pm
because of you. and the fact that you absolutely do believe in those things. you believe in redemption. you believe in family and faith and unity and diversity. all of those things. you believe in restoration for our country. because all of these things. not just these people, a lot of republicans and everything in washington, the systems are broken. you believe in giving a handshake and a fair shot to everybody. and that was the real magic of last saturday. not how many people showed up. and all of the labor unions and solar panel people and the progressive friends of the president, they can never ever capture or recreate that magic when it's not real. #
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>> glenn: tonight on on insider extreme you can sign up for that service, we are going to broadcast at 7:00 p.m. eastern time something called "divine destiny." it happened at the kennedy center last friday and happen tonight at catch an encore presentation at 7:00. it's really -- i think it was better than 8-28. i think it was better than what happened on the mall in front of the lincoln memorial. it is really, truly an amazing, amazing 90 minutes or two hours. don't miss it. it's tonight at 7:00., insider extreme. fox weather alert now. i'm shepard smith in new york. hurricane earl now 185 miles from the out toer bank of north carolina. bands of rain and strong winds approaching certain spots. the east coast an alert all the way from north carolina
5:55 pm
to canada. our meteorologist rick reichmuth with the headline of the day. it's weakened and turned. right? >> exactly. we expected the turn but it weakened earlier than we thought. if you look at the satellite, radar composite, looking at the last couple of frames and it makes a right jog. that is a good news. wind projection and what do we expect to see this morning or tonight around 3:00 in the morning. this is hurricane force winds around cape hatterus for a brief time and then it moves to the northeast. better chance of hurricane force winds around nantucket and cape cod by tomorrow night. by saturday, it moves out of here rapidly. quickly moving storm. a look at the track of the storm. you can see a category two expected at the closest point tonight toward cape hatterus. that is welcome news. we will likely see the hurricane force winds extending out pretty far. far than we initially anticipated but a weaker storm and category one at the closest minutes to the
5:56 pm
overnight hours tomorrow night. >> fox news is live all night long as we track the storm. kicked it off at 6:00 central with the correspondents up and down the east coast and stationed in the caribbean. at 9:00, 8:00 central, normally sean hannity's spot, we have a full hour of the journalists covering the storm making it way toward the coast and we hope to report it stayed offshore and the united states was on the dry side the whole way and in the end, everything worked out just fine. that's what we always hope. i'll see you tonight for "fox report" at 7:00 eastern, 6:00 central. until then, a quick commercial break and then glenn beck continues. that's after this.  
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>> glenn: all next week, the "glenn beck program." five special back-to-school lectures that would never have been given in the classroom. we haven't done anything like this before. we're calling it crash cour w

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